Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal therapy is a dental procedure that helps to preserve teeth that have been infected from the inside. Teeth have several connective tissues, blood vessels, and small nerves within. The dental pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth that is surrounded by this mass. Infection of the pulp is caused due to several reasons such as bacterial attack, tear on the gum line, tooth decay, external trauma or injury. As the pulp gets infected, the tooth starts to experience a decaying process from the inside and thereby weakens it leading to swelling and constant pain. 

Most patients would resort to extraction, but endodontists would recommend a root canal therapy to save the dying tooth instead of the former.

How does root canal therapy help to preserve teeth?

An experienced endodontist performs a root canal therapy. This procedure can be performed for a single tooth or multiple sets of teeth. The endodontist will carefully numb the surrounding areas of the tooth with local anesthesia to ensure that there is no discomfort. The procedure will involve removal of the damaged pulp from the inside clearing the root canal system from infection. As the endodontist removes the infection from inside the tooth, it is replenished with a filling material and sealed to prevent further entry of bacteria. Once it is sealed, the tooth will require placing a restoration over the filling to restore its functionality.

The endodontist will always carefully analyze the extent of the infection to decide how many sitting a patient would require for the root canal therapy. 

Why is a root canal therapy always the better choice?

A root canal therapy is recommended as it helps to save the natural tooth and is a much pain-free procedure as compared to an extraction. An extraction may require several days of constant care and extensive healing time which can be avoided by just removing the infection from within the root. It helps to preserve teeth and also ensure that the patient is completely comfortable.

Patients will be advised aftercare tips as you visit our endodontist for a root canal therapy.

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